The strength of the Partnership lies in its being primarily a partnership between churches. Partnership is of two types:

1. Church partnership where a church enters the partnership, in accordance with its own decision making procedures.

2. Individual partnership for ministers where the church they serve is not yet in a position to become a member.

Church membership and individual membership are possible for churches/ministers who are clearly in sympathy with the values and aims of the Gospel Partnership, who subscribe to the basis of faith and are willing to fulfil the membership commitment.

Partnership commitment

We ask all Partnership members to:

  • Sign the basis of faith annually
  • Ministers to attend Partnership meetings or send apologies
  • Pray for the work of the Partnership
  • Work together with other Partnership churches, wherever possible, in furthering the Partnership’s aims
  • A contribution at least annually to the finances of the Partnership is anticipated in due course.

Reception into partnership

Prospective church and individual members will apply for membership of the Partnership. Their membership will need to be agreed by the Partnership Steering Group, who will want to ensure that the church or individual demonstrates adherence to the values, aims and basis of faith of the Partnership and understands the terms of membership commitment. The Steering Group reserves the right to suspend from the Partnership any church or individual.

Partnership Supporters

Supporters are individuals who pledge to support the work of the Gospel Partnership in prayer and financially. Supporters do not need endorsement by the Steering Group.